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Moderate Ex-Bra Cup

Show yours off with 1570s-inspired look and add a bit of quirky finish with moderate ex-bra cup. Made in Poland, this piece has been crafted from old, used bra. Soft velvet scarf adds sophisticated finish.

Old nude bra
Velvet scarf scavenged from closet

Terms & Conditions:
Nna O’Klicka is the only creator of each item in Kobazan Shop,
hence only she can be the customer of each item in Kobazan Shop.


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My before and after pictures the solution has been a mixture / one two three four and then five i will sew to give you life / six – assembling bones seven – rendering clones /  i’ll take your leftovers from the closet and give you timeless deposit / i’ll take photos of you my babies and sing you embroidered lullabies / eight you’ll lie on my plate / nine ten a big fat hen / charm cast on spectator victim and predator / enchantment material desire makeup and barbed wire / nineteen twenty my plate’s empty / indescribably defeated cycle keeps being repeated

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