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Iris Ex-Bra Fascinator


Highly regarded in the world of fashion, no.91 has been creating esteemed and appreciated fascinators since 1991. The brand combines glitter flowers as well as passed down bras from once upon a time forgotten drawer. Made from Nna O’Klicka’s cast-off clothes, which were bought for vanity and thoughtlessness.

S E E   M A N I F E S T O

stripped satin bra from Nadarzyn shopping centre
black glitter flower

Terms & Conditions:
Nna O’Klicka is the only creator of each item in Kobazan Shop,
hence only she can be the customer of each item in Kobazan Shop.


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All items in Kobazan Shop are made from cast-off and unwanted clothes from Nna O’Klicka’s closet,
bought for vanity and thoughtlessness. In order to atone, Nna O’Klicka gives the second life to those items
and tries to captivate herself to buy (now refreshed and sophisticated) clothes and accessories one more time.
New, exclusive wardrobe is advertised by better looking and appealing version of Nna.

S E E   M A N I F E S T O

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